Owner of DK9 Solutions, LLC


Growing up I was always involved with dogs and anything that had to do with them. The TV series Rin Tin Tin, K9 Cop, the books Where The Red Fern Grows and The Call of The Wild were all favorites of mine as a child. It was the development of different breeds that grasped my interest and what they were born to do. I guess you could say my curiosity triggered a deeper drive to become the dog trainer I am today. 

 My early childhood was mostly spent in Texas where I witness dogs serve a variety of roles including herders, hunters and guardians of both property and person. When my teen years rolled in my family moved us out west to Mesa, Arizona and for the first time I saw how different the relationship was in more of an urban environment versus the south. There was no real purpose for dogs in the city like there was in the south.

I was completely intrigued by the difference in culture and I started learning more about the companion role of the dog instead of just their natural-born functions. Today I have three dogs that live with me along with my wife and kids, Cowboy, Caesius and Onyx. I believe we can fulfill our dogs' instinctual needs despite geographical changes, and through training we are capable of molding them to have that great relationship.