DK9 Solutions, LLC began 5 years ago with the hopes of delivering the best, balanced training to dogs and their owners within the Maricopa County of Arizona. I make sure to tailor all of my sessions based on the dog and owners wants or needs because dog training is far from a one-size fits all solution. Understanding exactly how to communicate with your dog goes far beyond the typical "sit" and "stay" methods. It takes a grave amount of patience, consistency, discipline and reward in order to establish a close-knit bond with your best friend.

balanced training

The type of training that I use on all dogs is balanced training. I believe it is a fair based method that first teaches your dog what we want from them and then proceed to guide them down the right path through praise or correction. The two main elements involved in balanced training are positive reinforcement and negative correction. When you give your dog positive reinforcement you reward them for doing what has been asked of them. Over time your dog will be more likely to repeat the behavior when asked of him/her because of the positive result they've received in the past. Negative correction is simply another way of re-directing your dog. Using a particular command word to correct your dog allows them to precede the behavior with subsequent consequences provided by you.  Remember, dogs recognize sounds but they do not understand language. 

"practice doesn't make perfect. perfect practice makes perfect."

Lastly, none of these tactics would be possible without consistency. No matter how much a dog may fuss, fight and get into trouble they actually do want structure in their lives. However, none of that can be attained if everyone is on a different page. You must think of training the same way you think of parenting. When you're happy with your children, praise them, when you're not, re-direct and discipline them; same idea goes for your pet. Everyone should be consistent in using the same cues and techniques for training if they want to see their dog mature and progress.