We made the decision to hire a trainer because our German Shepherd, Abe, was having so many issues and one of the big ones had to be spacial pressure anytime a dog or person would get too close. After we vetted a few we decided on Deven based on his philosophy about training and his demeanor. For example, Abe used to be extremely hesitant about going up and down on the A frame structure as part of his anxiety training. Well, today he actually went over it without any problems. It was definitely a triumph for us and Abe!

In such a short amount of time Deven has been able to accomplish so much with our boy & we are so thankful for all of his help. Currently, we are learning proper leash management as well as when to use correction, marking and targeting in order to teach Abe where he is supposed to be, which is right next to us. We know that there is still so much work left to do but so far it has been an awesome journey seeing our Abe grow. 

Deven creates a relationship with the dogs that he trains and establishes the trust that is needed. We want to thank you for your work and faith in both Abe and us.

-Scott & Lisa Phillips, Gilbert AZ