1-on-1 Training

In home or at the park, your dog will learn marker training, receive behavioral modification, & operant conditioning; basic & advance obedience. 

Basic obedience includes sit, down, and place commands. While advance obedience deals with more off leash, heel methods and send-away from long distances.

Over time your dog will progress to e-collar training which involves teaching the owner about proper usage, timing, training exercises etc. 

*Contact me directly for all pricing.

Day Training

I will pick-up your dog and provide one hour of obedience training and one hour of exercise. Throughout the time I have your dog I will expose him/her to new environments, people etc. This will give your dog the ability to develop healthy social habits. 

The drop-off and pick-up are completely free but the minimum time requirement for this type of training is 4 hours. 

    Board & Train

This form of training is used mainly for owners that have time sensitive schedules or plans to go away for vacation. 

I make sure to work on a  variety of behavior modifications depending on the dog's needs. Behavior modification addresses issues such as separation anxiety, destructive aggression, barking etc. 

I also incorporate an accelerated basic obedience program for each dog which gives them faster results.